• Live and on-demand adapted fitness classes. Designed for individuals with and without disabilities.

    Pay under $1 per class, eliminate isolation, and share with people who have similar life experiences.

    No credit card required.

  • Workouts designed to be accessible.

    Join a powerful community with adapted fitness at the center.

  • Powerful Elements of Kakana

    Motivating instructors with and without disabilities

    The power in getting fit together.

    Fitness classes designed for people with and without disabilities.

    Workouts that change daily.

    A community passionate about accessibility, inclusion, and fitness.

    A welcoming, adaptive platform.

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  • Instructors with and without disabilities

    Training and life experiences allow Kakana instructors to teach and connect with you. They can help adapt an exercise for or find a solution for a movement that is uncomfortable for your body.

  • A community passionate about accessibility, inclusion, and fitness.

    • Our virtual locker room prior to and after class opens up the chance for you and instructors to chat, share, and be together instead of waiting in a queue, working out, then going back to being isolated.

    • Join our community for workouts and events that keep you motivated to reach your goals and provide opportunities to interact in a unique environment.

  • A wide variety of live and on-demand classes




    Our workouts are constantly being updated from our 9+ live classes every week to hundreds of videos to choose from and the library is added to weekly. Check out our typical live class schedule.


    • Crosscycle (Cardio + Strength)
    • Strength
    • Cardio Boxing
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Kettlebell

  • Roughly $1 per class if you use Kakana
    4 times per week

    Free Trial


    for 7 days

    • Access to entire membership for 7 days.

    Monthly Membership


    per month

    Cancel anytime; risk free.

    • Access to all live classes
    • Unlimited use of on-demand library
    • Early access to all Kakana events
  • Members love Kakana

    All of these classes are on point. There’s no holding back either, instructors push you as needed and guide you when an adaption is necessary.

    James T

    It's an affordable, accessible, and effective community-based fitness platform. I enjoy both the live classes and the on-demand variety.

    Katie F.

    Great classes and most of the instructors are also disabled. This is a great platform and adaptable to so many levels. The price is right.

    Sarah P.

  • A leader in adapted fitness

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